About Us

Who we are

Liminal BioSciences is a global biotechnology company that specialises in discovering, developing and commercializing novel small molecule compounds for respiratory, liver and renal diseases. We focus specifically on developing solutions for rare and orphan diseases.

Liminal BioSciences operates on an integrated basis from our three talent hubs in Laval, Quebec, Canada, Cambridge, UK and Rockville, Maryland, USA. Our common shares are listed for trading on the Nasdaq Global Market (LMNL).

Our expertise in small molecules has enabled a strong pipeline with potential best-in-class drugs. We have a deep understanding of certain biological targets and pathways that have been implicated in the fibrotic process, including fatty acid receptors such as G-protein-coupled receptor 40, or GPR40, a related receptor (G-protein-coupled receptor 84, or GPR84) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors, or PPARs.

Our Expertise

Our lead small molecule therapeutic, Fezagepras (PBI-4050) is an anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic agent with the potential to treat rare and orphan diseases.

Our second small molecule therapeutic, PBI-4547, was developed as an analogue of PBI-4050. We initiated a Phase 1 clinical trial in healthy volunteers to assess the safety and tolerability of PBI-4547 in September 2019. We voluntarily suspended this clinical trial, pending review of pharmacokinetic results and further research on the underlying mechanism of action. No safety or tolerability issues were observed.

In addition, we operate a division devoted to the development and commercialization of plasma-based therapeutics, including our lead product, Ryplazim® (plasminogen). Our proprietary plasma purification technology enables the commercial production of plasminogen at scale.

We have already received Rare Pediatric Disease, Orphan Drug and Fast Track designations from the FDA for Ryplazim® (plasminogen). We intend to file a BLA with the FDA seeking approval to treat patients with congenital plasminogen deficiency, followed by similar applications in other markets.

We are exploring various alternatives for the future commercialization of Ryplazim® (plasminogen), if approved, including through a collaboration.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing patients throughout the world with hope of a healthier future. We are doing this by:

•  Making new discoveries, initially within the field of fibrosis
•  Targeting serious, unmet medical needs using small molecule drugs
•  Building a substantial and rich R&D pipeline, enabled through world- class science and proprietary technology

Our world-class research and development team are constantly pushing boundaries to make discoveries which help the scientific community better understand rare disease and orphan drug development, especially effecting the liver, kidney and respiratory system.