WISEMap for Caregivers

November 1, 2017

Learn how to better identify missing resources in your caregiving network.

What is a WISE Map?

It’s an easy-to-follow map that identifies who you care for, who else may care for this person, the  other people you care for and who’s there to support you. It helps you to better manage your caregiving network and to identify missing resources. You can easily make your own WISE Map using our pre-printed maps.

Before we start, get yourself 3 different colored pencils, and 1 of our 2 WISE Maps. If the individual you care for lives with you, Choose Map #1, the map with 1 house. If the individual you care for does not live with you, choose Map #2, with 2 houses.

The first step is to identify each stick figure involved in your caregiving network including
health care providers, family members, siblings, relatives and friends. In the first, inner circle, write down the names of all people living with you, and identify the person you care for with a star, either in the same house if they live with you or in the house next to yours if they don’t. In the 2nd circle, write the names of all people living nearby that are also involved in your caregiving network

Finally, outside the circles, is where you write down the names of people involved, but living far away. Now, the fun part. Link each person, using the 3 different colored pencils, based on their  involvement status. Draw a red arrow for everyday care, draw a blue arrow for weekly care and draw a black arrow if the person provides cares occasionally. OK, last step.

Circle the most important people involved, and identified who can take their place in
case of emergency Congratulations, you’re done!

You can now use your WISE Map to quickly identify any missing resources. This is important, any holes in your caregiver network need to be filled. Your WISE Map will be a big help in times of emergency or stress. We suggest you keep it in the kitchen, and update it frequently as your current reality might change over time.

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