Andrea's Testimonial

October 31, 2017

What is it Like Living With a Plasminogen Deficiency?

Meet Andrea, 17, how has been dealing with Plasminogen Deficiency since the age of 3. 

I'm Andrea and I'm 17, i have a lot of hearing issues, im blind in one eye and i get sick a little bit more recently. I've had a lot of vision tests and hearing tests, ophthalmology tests, hematology tests, I've had a lot of CT scans. IV starts, i mean.

I get told by my grandma all the time that i need to wear goggles if i do any sports and i got bullied a lot growing up, people made fun of me because i can't do a lot of things that they can. But i can, i can do a lot of things that everybody else can do and people just don't realise what i'm capable of

Probably not being very social as a kid, i had to deal with a lot and i was in the hospital for a long time so that i mean didn't really affect the social life but family- i didn't to see them as much as the rest of my siblings did.  

Yeah, i think it's going to be different, everybody has different symptoms, they're not always going to be the same symptoms but i mean communication is key. If you ever need to talk to anybody about what's going on if you have the same symptoms, you can talk to other caregivers or other patients who have the same thing and compare and talk about what helps you and what helps them.

The patients that i communicate with give me hope because they're more realising that other people have what they have and we help each other out and giving advice on growing up and advice on like beauty tips or something.

I have a lot of questions on like if i'm ever going to be able to have kids or if i'm ever going to be able to get my vision back or if i do have kids will they have what i have and how i'm going to be able to raise a child like that - how tough it's going to be.


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