Treating Plasminogen Deficiency - Prometic (en anglais seulement)

December 9, 2016

Sarah Bien, MD, Talks Treating Plasminogen Deficiency

Sarah Bien, MD, is a physician as well as a patient with plasminogen deficiency. In this video clip, she talks about how it is diagnosed and treated--and how past treatment options actually made the condition worse. 

The wonderful news is that we now have a trial going on, its a clinical trial that is currently in phase 2/3 for IV plasminogen infusions and this has been developed in collaboration and guidance from FDA regulators and there is a company called Prometic that has found a groundbreaking way to manufacture and isolate the plasminogen protein from the serum so that patients effected by this condition can infuse plasminogen directly into your blood stream creating a normal level of plaminogen and eradicating these lesions completely. 

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