Clinical Trial for Plasminogen Deficiency (en anglais seulement)

December 6, 2016

An Overview of Clinical Trials for Plasminogen Deficiency

Plasminogen deficiency, until recently, was treated with surgery. Unfortunately, trauma such as surgery can lead to the condition getting worse. In this video clip, physician and patient Sarah Bein, MD, talks about a phase 3 clinical trial currently underway that replaces the plasminogen that is deficient in these patients. 

I was incredibly fortunate to participate in the Prometic trial going on, both in the phase 1 and also in the phase 2/3 and this treatment has been life changing for me personally. I'll back up and say the time of the trial started in 2015 i was having involvement in one of my lungs, i had contracted the flu which had progressed to pneumonia in early 2015 and it had really done you know a marked amount of damage in one of my lungs so i was taking inhalers, i had trouble breathing deeply, just functioning in the world.

So, for me after my very first infusion of plasminogen i could feel a difference within 15 minutes. It was truly remarkable and something that we just weren't prepared for and that difference was very appreciable on physical exams and ever since my first treatment i live a completely normal life and i don't have any symptoms at all in my lungs.

So, this treatment really offers a life changing, life transforming option for many patients who are suffering from plasminogen deficiency. It really gives them an opportunity for a new life, some of them and a new body, a new way of feeling and living in the world. And for those children who are struggling with involvement in their eyes, often they can feel different than other children or they can feel as though they have a deformity that's noticeable to other people. So, this treatment offers them a new life as well in a sense of not just feeling normal but looking normal and engaging in the world in a whole new way.

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